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  • MMLinx is a unique application for sharing your media files with friends and relatives. If you have a collection of media files like photos, music and videos MMLinx frees you from uploading and organizing these files on traditional sharing services.

  • Just install the program, point to where your files are located on your computer and send a provided web link to your friends.

  • MMLinx will take care of the rest: resize your photos, generate photo slideshow, transcode and stream video and audio files according to your bandwidth and your friend’s media player type.

How it works:

  • You send a web link provided by MMLinx to your contact via Email

  • Your contact clicks on this link and launches their web browser program

  • The web link points to a free online service that redirects your peer’s browser to your home computer

  • MMLinx generates web pages, resizes images, prepares slideshows, transcodes and streams video and audio files directly from your home computer to your peer’s.

  • MMLinx supports Windows Media Player, QuickTime Player and Real Player.

  • MMLinx is secure: The access can be protected with password. MMLinx does not provide access to the original files or files residing outside the shared folder.

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